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Village Farmers Initiative (VFI) is a dedicated organization in Nigeria focused on preserving indigenous food systems, which have the potential to combat climate change and enhance food security cost-effectively. VFI's mission is to support agrobiodiversity and sustainable food systems, particularly in disadvantaged communities, with the aim of delivering positive and lasting impacts.
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Plot 693 Phase 1, Cadastral Zone B Durumi District Abuja FCT, Nigeria
Joseph Nnaluo Compound, Mmiata-Anam, Anambra-west LGA, Anambra state, Nigeria


Food Security and Livelihoods

We firmly believe that indigenous food systems possess the potential to address both climate change and food security in a cost-effective manner while simultaneously yielding multiple benefits for both people and nature.

Community Engagement and Development

We actively engage in open consultations with smallholder farmers and small-scale fishers, fostering meaningful conversations and dialogues to establish a culture of information generation.


Our initiatives encompass advocacy campaigns, peer-to-peer knowledge exchanges, and capacity-building programs. These efforts are geared towards increasing access to valuable services for smallholder farmers and small-scale fishers.

and Climate Change

We play a pivotal role in connecting the dots between various stakeholders, ideas, innovations, and actions. Our approach blends local innovations and indigenous knowledge with integrated development strategies to combat environmental challenges and climate change.


Imagine a world where communities come together to build a future that's not just sustainable, but regenerative. Our vision is to partner with these communities to co-develop and co-create solutions that revitalize indigenous food production, restore ecosystems, and combat climate change. We're not just talking about adaptation; we're talking about adaptation that leads to positive change.


Our mission is clear - we're here to blend the wisdom of indigenous knowledge and skills with cutting-edge research. Our goal is to seamlessly integrate these resources into the hands of local champions and actors. Together, we work towards a common purpose: transforming food systems sustainably. It's about harnessing the power of tradition and innovation for a better tomorrow.
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“Indigenous foods dietary diversity promotes regenerative agriculture and agroecology that is key for a sustainable food systems transformation.”
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