About Us

About Us

Welcome to Village Farmers Initiative (VFI), a thriving network of individuals dedicated to making a difference in Nigeria's agricultural landscape. We bring together smallholder farmers and fishers, including producers, processors, marketers, and distributors, with a singular mission: to empower rural women and youth through the mobilization, integration, and transfer of indigenous knowledge, expertise, skills, and technology.

Our Mission:
At VFI, our goals are clear and unwavering. We aim to:

  • Enhance Food Security: By supporting smallholder farmers and fishers, we strive to ensure that more local, nutritious, and safe foods are available to all at affordable prices.

  • Improve Nutrition: We recognize the importance of indigenous crops grown by smallholder farmers, and we work to increase their market demand.

  • Drive Economic Development: We focus on the entire value chain, collaborating with producers, processors, and marketers, to foster economic growth from farm to fork.

Our Collaborations:
Village Farmers Initiative is not alone in this journey. We work closely with esteemed organizations such as the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA), United Nations Food Systems Summit (UNFSSS), and the National Agricultural Seeds Council (NASC). This collaborative spirit has earned us recognition from global leaders for our innovative indigenous approach to enhancing food security, improving nutrition, and fostering economic development not only in Nigeria but across the African continent.

Join us in our quest to create a brighter future for rural communities, one harvest at a time.

Our Approach:
At VFI, our approach is rooted in the belief that indigenous knowledge and traditional practices hold the keys to sustainable and resilient agricultural systems. We harness these age-old wisdom to address modern challenges such as climate change, biodiversity conservation, and the ever-growing demand for food.

Our work spans across the entire spectrum of agricultural production, from farm to market. By collaborating with smallholder farmers, processors, and marketers, we create a holistic ecosystem that fosters not only economic prosperity but also environmental stewardship.

Our Impact:
Over the years, Village Farmers Initiative has made significant strides in our mission. We've witnessed improved food security, healthier nutrition, and economic growth in the communities we serve. Our initiatives have not only empowered smallholder farmers and fishers but also contributed to the preservation of indigenous food systems.

Get Involved:
You can be a part of this transformative journey. Whether you're interested in supporting our initiatives, sharing our mission, or collaborating with us, there are numerous ways to get involved. Together, we can cultivate positive change and pave the way for a more sustainable and prosperous future.

Thank you for visiting Village Farmers Initiative. Join us as we continue to innovate, educate, and empower for a brighter tomorrow.


Imagine a world where communities come together to build a future that’s not just sustainable, but regenerative. Our vision is to partner with these communities to co-develop and co-create solutions that revitalize indigenous food production, restore ecosystems, and combat climate change. We’re not just talking about adaptation; we’re talking about adaptation that leads to positive change.


Our mission is clear – we’re here to blend the wisdom of indigenous knowledge and skills with cutting-edge research. Our goal is to seamlessly integrate these resources into the hands of local champions and actors. Together, we work towards a common purpose: transforming food systems sustainably. It’s about harnessing the power of tradition and innovation for a better tomorrow.


At our core, we are dedicated to driving positive change across agricultural value chains, with a commitment to delivering lasting impact in key areas:

Food Security and Livelihoods

We firmly believe that indigenous food systems possess the potential to address both climate change and food security in a cost-effective manner while simultaneously yielding multiple benefits for both people and nature.

Community Engagement and Development

We actively engage in open consultations with smallholder farmers and small-scale fishers, fostering meaningful conversations and dialogues to establish a culture of information generation.


Our initiatives encompass advocacy campaigns, peer-to-peer knowledge exchanges, and capacity-building programs. These efforts are geared towards increasing access to valuable services for smallholder farmers and small-scale fishers.


We play a pivotal role in connecting the dots between various stakeholders, ideas, innovations, and actions. Our approach blends local innovations and indigenous knowledge with integrated development strategies to combat environmental challenges and climate change.
Women and Youth Empowerment
To promote inclusive economic growth, job creation, and enhanced livelihoods in rural areas, we harness indigenous knowledge, skills, experiences, collaborations, and strategic partnerships. Our goal is to empower women and youth in these communities.


We adopt a strategic approach focused on the development of rural markets for specific agricultural produce or commodities that possess a competitive advantage over other sub-sectors or products within the same or neighboring localities. This approach acts as a catalyst for transforming rural areas into vibrant local economies.


A Leader in Sustainable Development

Asikaralu is a seasoned leader with over two decades of expertise spanning various fields including Agriculture, Entrepreneurship, Information Technology, Indigenous Food Systems, Community Development, Women & Gender, Peacekeeping & Conflict Resolution, and International Development.

In 2015, she founded Maklumy Technology Services, initially focusing on Agritech. Her journey continued as she coordinated, aggregated, and supervised the Uwaoma Anambra-West Farmers’ Cooperative Union. In 2020, she took the helm as the CEO of Maklumy Technology Services Limited. Not stopping there, Asikaralu also established the Village Farmers Initiative (VFI), a network comprising over 2000 smallholder farmers and fishers from Nigeria's socially and economically disadvantaged communities.

Asikaralu's mission revolves around understanding nature's needs and valuing people. She harnesses the potential of our natural resources with innovative solutions, indigenous knowledge, skills, and experiences to build resilience across human, social, economic, and environmental dimensions.

Her passion lies in local economic development and the practical implementation of entrepreneurship and sustainable food systems. This focus aligns with the needs of indigenous peoples, smallholder farmers, and fishers, who form a significant part of the stakeholders.

With extensive experience in program design and implementation, resource mobilization, strategic planning, and partnership development, Asikaralu is a driving force for multi-sector and interdisciplinary collaborations. Her ability to tackle complex challenges, including poverty alleviation, climate change mitigation, and food system transformation, positions her as a catalyst for positive systemic change.

She actively collaborates with national, regional, and global stakeholders and coalition groups to analyze and review policy implementations, ensuring alignment with the organization's overarching goals and objectives. Asikaralu's leadership is defined by her commitment to sustainable development and her unwavering dedication to creating a better future for communities and the environment.


Executive Director


Indigenous Food Sovereignty:

Our foundation rests on the belief in the power of indigenous food systems to shape our future.

Gender and Social Inclusion: 

We’re committed to inclusivity, ensuring that everyone has a seat at the table.

Community Engagement: 

We thrive on engaging communities in every aspect of development, because their voices matter.

Nature-Positive Food Production: 

We’re dedicated to food production that not only nourishes people but also benefits the environment.

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